Beautiful Women of North Dakota

Beautiful Women of North Dakota
started with an idea that came to me some years ago, sparked by my experience as a single dad raising two young girls. Noticing the tremendous emphasis on physical beauty in magazines, television, and even in my own work, I wondered how I could expose my daughters to beauty that wasn’t ephemeral—beauty that would inspire them and pass the test of time.
These women aren’t seeking recognition. They aren’t the women gracing the cover of Vogue or whose stories are featured on Entertainment Tonight. But I firmly believe that these are the women who can truly inspire our daughters not to take the easy road, but instead, like the Navajo said, choose to “Walk in beauty”.

"Billy Black and Chris Linnares set out on a road trip and discovered where beauty truly lies: in the soul."  - Entertainment Tonight
"It's a groundbreaking book that recognizes women from all walks of life who exemplify what true beauty really is."- Mikey L. Hoeven, First Lady of North Dakota

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Give yourself and your loved ones this inspirational and heart felt Beautiful Women of North Dakota book. It is more than an empowering book; this is a call to expand the definition of ‘beauty.” With photos by Billy Black and stories by Chris Linnares, the book not just celebrates the hidden beauty of remarkable American women from North Dakota but invites the reader to embrace this cause by offering a special page to express their gratitude to the beautiful woman of their lives, no matter where they are from. We invite you to travel on this journey with us. It’s time to make hidden beauty shine!

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Diva Dance

Diva Dance is a revolutionary and dazzling experience that uses Latin and fun dance moves as a practical way for you to Energize your Body, Empower your Mind and Express your Soul! Diva Dance has been empowering women all over the country, and has earned rave reviews from the media and leading organizations such as Go Red - American Heart Association, Microsoft, Avon and others. Fox Television News said, "Get you groove on! Diva Dance is a powerful tool to increase women's self esteem!" Chris Linnares amazing life story, humor and unique ability to use dance as a practical tool to create wellness - in combination with the latest research about mind/body connection - makes Diva Dance a life-changing experience for women and teams. Women of all ages dance samba, salsa while empowering themselves. Some will laugh, some may cry, but they will all have the opportunity to have one of the most unforgettable and fun experiences of their lives. Put your high heels on, or be bare foot if you prefer, and get ready to feel energized, sexier, passionate and unleash all the power you need to Dance your Own Dance and let your free style shine - in the dance floor, and in your own life!

"The message of Diva Dance is necessary for every woman."- Dr. Joan Borysenko P.h.D. in medical sciences from Harvard and New York Bestseller of Minding the body, Mending the mind.

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Cinderella On The Couch

After researching the Cinderella myth, Chris wrote this insightful and funny romance that reveals the five spiritual teachings hidden away in the famous fairy tale for thousands of years.


Cinderella on the Couch tells the story of disenchanted writer, Annie, from Women and Co. Magazine. She reluctantly tackles an assignment to write an expose about a mysterious underground society that revolutionizes the lives of its members through the famous fairy tale. As Annie attends the society's secret meetings, her life is turned upside down and she is forced to face her past, her fears and embrace the person she can become.


The reader will be plugged into Annie's fascination journey and will discover the magic wand that lets them create happy endings in their own life.


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You Deserve...

After getting married to Billy Black and moving from the tropics of Brazil to the tundra of Fargo, North Dakota; Chris Linnares was faced with the hardest moment of her life. Dealing with the pain of losing her father, postpartum depression, battling to lose her baby weight and adapting to a new culture, Chris started transforming her life when she realized how much she truly deserved.


For many months I was telling myself, " I want to be happy, I want to lose weight, I want.When I realized this wasn't just something I wanted but something that I deserved, everything started to change."


After one year, Chris overcame this storm and started motivating women all over the country with her unique seminar Diva Dance. She was then inspired by Billy Black's photographs to write the poem "You deserve. " His photographs are like a poem that speaks with our souls." Chris now lives with her husband and daughter in Fargo, where she melts the cold snow with her warm happy heart.

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